Devon and Cornwall 2012

In Sicily 2010 we decided to meet again 2012. The candidate venues were numerous. Just to mention a few: Cruises in the Caribbean, Mediterranian or Baltic Sea, Krakow, Vienna/Prague, Istanbul, Dalmatian coast, Moscow/St. Petersburg, Vancouver, South East Asia, Mexico ++++.

The final nominees for a decision: Salzburg/Vienna - Croatia - Devon/Cornwall.

The venue chosen - without voting: The UK and Devon/Cornwall.

Brenda and Rob volunteered to form the organising committee. A subcommittee with Horst-Dieter and Benno will explore the venue in October 2011.

Time to meet: October 2012, week 40.



Great Britain



1. Land's End -
Britain mainland's most westerly point. A dramatic and wild landscape.
2a. Bath -
The roman bath complex built in the 1st century is one of the greatest memorials from the roman era.
2b. Bath -
The swimming pool.
3a. Dartmoor -
Characteristic moorland.
3b. Dartmoor -
The Dartmoor ponies.
4. Joanna Saunders' garden in Torbay.
A lush mediterranian climate supports gardening.
5a. Paignton -
Near Torbay.
5b. Paignton -
The harbour.
6a. Salisbury -
The cathedral was mostly built between 1220 and 1258.
6b. Salisbury -
The nave is divided into ten bays by polished marble columns.
7a. Silbury -
The Silbury Hill - Europe's largest prehistoric earthwork. Built of chalk blocks around 2750 BC.
7b. Silbury -
The hill covers 2 ha/5 acres and reaches a height of 40 m/131 ft.
8. Torquay -
The harbour at night.
9a. Stonehenge -
Stonehenge was built in several stages from about 3000 BC.
9b. Stonehenge -
The circle is connected with the sun and the passing of the seasons.
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Devon and Cornwall

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