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As a result of an initiative by former ICP-president Rob McConchie from Australia and Rinnie van der Horst from the Netherlands, old friends of the ICP - The International Confederation of Principals - decided to meet in Tuscana, Italy, in August 2004. The aim was to share memories and enjoy one another's company.

We met at the Fattoria San Donato, a medieval village south of San Gimignano.

One of the results after a week filled with lots of memories, excursions, excellent food and wine, sights, arts, touristic experiences and "happy hours" in the afternoon, was the decision to meet again in October 2006 - in Maine, USA. From the following links you may see why ....

Click to view pictures from some of our "happy hours" and other events:

Click to view some of Jack's memories
Click to view some of Herma and Rinnie's pictures
Horst-Dieter's pictures
Jeanne and Benno Elsen's impressions
Maren and Roald's pictures

Read Maren's tribute to the ICP Alumni in Tuscany 2004

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