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The 2010 Reunion in Sicily - Siracusa
In the church Santa Lucia, next to the old duomo, you will find one of the paintings of the famous artist Caravaggio - La sepoltura di Santa Lucia, The burial of Saint Lucy.
In the heart of the island of Ortigia inside the city of Siracusa, you find the tuins of the temple of Apollon which was built early in the 6th century BC. This makes it the oldest extant doric temple from the greek era.
In Fonte Aretusa, the waters still gush - just as it did in greek times.
Some of the tragedies by the old master Aischylos were staged and premiered here by himself. The cavea is 138 meters (453 feet) wide with 67 tiers.
The roman amphitheatre is rather small.
The cathedral or duomo was built 1728-1753 and incorporates an anvient temple of Minerva.
Adjacent to the greek theatre and the arena, you find some quarries where millions of cubic metres of stone were extracted for building the city. One of the caves is called The Ear of Dionysius.