Spain 2008

In Boothbay Harbor we decided to meet again 2008. By scarce majority Spain was chosen as venue. The organizing committee decided Sevilla and Granada as venues.

  Where? Sevilla & Granada/Monachil!
Map of Spain by Tourizm Maps © 2006
Venue A: Hotel Amadeus in Sevilla

is situated at easy walking distance from the historical centre of the city, in a quiet area. It specifically radiates music, famous composers; several instruments can be used by the guests. The roof terrace should have been ideal for our happy hours, but the umbrellas and the sun were not playing our game.
Venue B: Hotel La Almunia del Valle

is 8 km to the south-east of Granada - right into the Sierra Nevada. The hotel has only nine, very nice rooms. Contrary to the city hotel Amadeus, it is located in the countryside, on a 1000m high hill that offers a spectacular view on the surrounding mountains. It has a lovely sitting room or lounge with a nice library and a good kitchen. There was ample space for our happy hours - also in this place, the sun didn't play our game in the evenings.

Have a look at some of Maren and Roald's photos from Sevilla and Granada.

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Have a look at some of Horst-Dieter's photos from Sevilla and Granada.

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Take a look at Horst-Dieters photos and Rinnies photos from the trip of exploration undertaken by the organizing committee October 2007.

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