A Tribute to the ICP Alumni -
an informal and friendly description of each group member - as presented by Maren the last evening we had together.

Dear Friends!

From all over the world we met in Tuscany,
an ICP Alumni as good as any.
We used to go to conferences and meetings -
important representatives with country greetings.

We remember Sidney and the Opera House
and a lot of temptations for the spouse.
Brenda and Rob took care of us there -
after a successfull surgery they came to us here.

The lobsters in Boston we will never forget,
that was the next place we met.
Jeannie and Jack decided: A lobster party we will hold!
Now they came overseas to this hot place, from Nova Scotia which is cold.

The last place we met, was in Suomi - Finland,
To us, their neighbours, a sauna-, lake- and forest land.
Jorma represents those who were invited -
several are those uninvited.

From the far east, Korea, came age and beaty -
We are proud to know you - Jaisoo and Kyu.
Since all we others come from westerly lands,
Tuscany must be different from where you stand.

Central Europe is well represented here,
From Germany and Holland, eight persons we hear.
For this gathering we should have learnt Dutch -
the six Dutchmen can share secrets, as such.

Doris and Horst parked in front of the church,
they may be glad the Carabinieri didn't search.
Marleine and Anton washing the dishes have much to do -
so have Herma and Rinnie with their Hazel too.

With our flat-mates Jeanne and Benno we get along fine.
In the fridge, everything is put in line.
We are the Norwegians whose English isn't good,
but the student and the pensioner did buy you some food.

We want to say Thank You for this kind invitation -
we really have enjoyed San Donato as our "station".
We think Rinnie and Rob are worth a toast -
so - as thank you - to Rob and Rinnie, we say Proost!

Maren Baastad

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